Quilted Fiber-Art

Quilted Fiber-Art

Quilted Fiber-ArtQuilted Fiber-ArtQuilted Fiber-Art

The Fiber Art Process


The Process - a quick summary

Using a computer I download the image I want to replicate in fabric to my Adobe Photoshop program. Then I set about restricting the color concentration and use the "cut out" function to break down the piece into a "workable" color pallet. After enlarging the piece to the appropriate size, I print it out.  

The Fun Part

 This is my favorite part --I go through my fabric collection and find the pieces that would represent the original photo. Or if I'm going for a different feel, I pick colors that are the opposite of my photo, or accenting colors. Wherever my imagination leads me! 

Tricks of the Trade

The next part is my secret weapon... using my iron I bind Heat-n-Bond lite to the back of the fabric. 

Cut and Paste

Then it's a matter of cutting out the shapes from the photo, tracing them onto the backs of the fabric, and finally cutting them from the fabric itself. Using the photo cutout I then place the fabric in its exact location (Psst! I promise this is easier demonstrated then written out.) 

Sew Like the Wind!

Once you have your pieces ironed down, it's time to sew sew SEW! I like to experiment with different stitches on my machine. When you compare the unstitched piece to the stitched one, you can really see the piece come to life.