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Me and my "Quilted Poe", Delaplaine Art Center 2013.

Mary Mahoney, Self-Taught Fiber Artist

Mary has been an avid quilter for over 25 years, creating countless quilts for her children, her home, her nieces and nephews, friends, for weddings, births, graduations. Building on this passion, for the past ten years she has been exploring the field of fiber art. In 2009 Mary began to make "quilted home portraits" of houses, using a technique she developed and perfected.  By 2012 Mary was creating portraits of people and entering art shows. The photo to the left is of Mary and her "Quilted Poe" at the Delaplaine Art Center in 2013. She has won awards and competitions and sold pieces locally and around the country. 

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Guest Speaker

Join Mary as she shares the techniques and the inspiration behind her fiber-art quilts. Learn her process and discover a unique expression of the quilt art form. 

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Whether it be a quilted home workshop or a fiber-art portrait one, Mary provides one-on-one instruction and guidance -- helping you create a one of a kind masterpiece. 




"I asked Mary to make this quilt even though the tree-growth blocked the view of the house. She completed it in time for me to gift it to my friend and made her house look stunning. Mary got every detail, she even gave the siding a scalloped edge!" - Trudy Jo

"Made It Look So Easy"


" What a fun speaker we had this last month, Mary Mahoney. She was such an inspiration! Don’t you wish you had her energy? She made it look so easy to make portraits quilts and her quilts were just stunning". -Judy from Everybody's Quilt Guild



"I was so pleased with the likeness of Mary's quilt to the Marine Corps Museum. It was amazing. The museum is grey on grey but with Mary's hand you can totally see the different textures. The overall result captured the likeness of the Iwo Jima Memorial" - Terry

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